• Hall 2 Kings Place 90 York Way

A vocal experience beyond the ordinary – we welcome Scandinavia’s very own singing "Swedish Fisherman" Solala.

From kitchen to concert hall, Solala soared to YouTube fame with their infectious energy, combining the beautiful and resonant soundscapes of Scandinavian folk songs and sea shanties with modern-day pop hits, all bound together with creative percussive sounds made from the kitchen drawer.

Swedish vocal power trio Solala will be making their UK debut at the festival. Following from their hit album Swedish Fisherman, their YouTube based ‘Solala Sessions’ exploded, leading to performances with the Swedish Frozen star Annika Herlitz and Nordic household name Helen Sjöholm, successfully launching them onto the international platform.

Opening act: Åkervinda 

Swedish wildflowers Åkervinda present spine-tingling interpretations of traditional folksongs of Scandinavia.

It is wonderful to hear pure voice—so ancient, so eternal, so moving.
— Norwegian American Weekly
January 27
The Sons of Pitches