We are pleased to support the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain as our Festival Partner. 

NYCGB is the most inspiring organisation for young singers in the UK.

NYCGB discover and nurture exceptional musical talent, provide unbeatable performance opportunities and world-class musical and leadership training to the widest possible range of young people in society, and give the spark to the next generation of singers, conductors and leaders who will take choral music into the future.

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I am learning how to sing so much better, I get to sing and perform and learn from a fantastic group of people. I have a brilliant time with everybody, the staff are all incredibly supportive. I feel so, so happy when I am there and feel so thankful and grateful that I am able to be part of this super singing family!
— NYCGB Member, Summer 2017

"I am so pleased that NYCGB is the Festival Partner in the forthcoming London A Cappella Festival. A cappella singing has been, and continues to be, a major part of my life, and I am thrilled that some of our young singers will now experience the excitement and vibrancy of what LACF has to offer. Our aim at NYCGB is to offer young people the chance to develop their passion and skill as singers, creating for them some life-transforming opportunities through singing together. The sheer range of activity - performance and educational - at LACF is truly inspirational, and I know that our members will benefit massively from their involvement in the Festival." Ben Parry, Artistic Director of NYCGB


NYCGB exists to empower young people through the life-changing experience of singing together.
Everything that we do supports our mission, whether it’s auditions, courses and concerts for our choirs, events with schools and communities, our Fellowship Programme for young choral leaders, or partnerships with others. As a national organisation, we stand for the highest possible quality of experience and opportunity.

We thrive on the diversity of choral music as a global art form. We sing everything from Renaissance to raga and use every opportunity, from live performance to online video, to make it more widely heard. Above all, we work to ensure that as many young people as possible have the chance to be involved.

We believe that the ultimate test of what we do is what it leads to. It could be that a young singer discovers a new feeling of inclusion, gets inspired to explore their solo voice, joins a local choir, or joins NYCGB. From there, they might embark on a professional performing or teaching career, create their own choirs, or their own music. The exciting thing about what we do is that every time we meet new young singers, we know that more of those futures are about to start.

To find out more visit the NYCGB website.


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